henry viii

Henry married six times because he wanted a son – and he wanted his son and his son’s sons to be Kings of England after him. But when Queen Elizabeth died, King Henry’s family came to an end, and a Scottish King became King of England.

This book was very interested for me. Henry married Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, June Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard and Catherine Parr. Every stories about his wives were sad.




star zoo

We cut down trees, build houses and factories, grow our own food. The animals must go and find another place to live…if they can. We humans always win because we are intellifent. We can think, talk, use tools, make wonderful machines. We are extremely clever animals… Perhaps too clever. Perhaps people in the future will think differently.

This book was about humans and Earth in the future. I have a bad feeling about this, because the future in this book was very different from now. Peolpe in the future was like they have no feelings.




She walked on to the garden, but i was calm and quiet now. The moondial looked the same – two winged figures locked together in a battle that would never end. Minty touched the cold head of the boy, but nothing happened. Then she went on to the churchyard, to the corner of the church – and the icy wind was still there.

I didn’t think this book was interesting but it had a lot of dialogue, so it was easy for me to read.



Romeo and Juliet



It’s love that brings me here. I am not afraid of Capulet swords. I think nothing of the danger, if you really love me.

Romeo – you’ve already heard me say it – I love you. Do you love me? Perhaps I love you too much. Perhaps it’s wrong to say so openly that I love you…

Romeo ans Juliet is an enduring masterpiece, but I don’t like the ending of this story.





I had six hours to wait before the coach came to take me there, so I went into a little hotel. Inside the hotel it was warm and friendly. The people there were all laughing and talking. ‘Where are you going?’ they asked me. ‘To Castle Dracula,’ I replied. Suddenly the room was silent and everyone turned to look at me. I could not understand why they all looked afraid. ‘Don’t g there,’ someone said. ‘But I have to,’ I answered. ‘It’s business.’ They began to talk again, but they were no longer laughing.

I’m so interested in unknown presence like dracula and devil. A lot of people don’t believe them, but I think they exist all over the world even now.




love story

Love means you never have to say you’re sorry.

This story wasn’t happy ending and it made me sad, but it made me laugh too. After I finished reading this story I thought if we fell in love we have to try to protect precious time. My quotation is the word of Jenny. She said this word to Oliver. I couldn’t understand the meaning of this word well at first, so I looked up the meaning and her feeling. When I knew that I couldn’t help being impressed. I want to watch the movie someday.


The Godfather

Penguin Readers


He is the Godfather of one of the most powerful and richest families in New York. His business is fear and murder. Michael, an innocent college boy, doesn’t want anything to do with his father. He’s different from the others in his family. All he wants is quiet, peaceful, hones life with his girlfriend.

Godfather means  the head of important family in the Mafia, which is a secret group of criminals. The main character in this book is Don Vito Corleone. He was a very important gangster, but his sun named Michael did’t want to be his father. However, Michael began to change slowly.

Robinson Crusoe




I saw something in the sand. I went over to look at it more carefully, and stopped in sudden surprise. It was a footprint – the footprint of a man! Who could this be? Afraid, I looked around me. I listened. I waited. Nothing. I was more and more afraid.

Robinson went to sea again with his friends, but there was a terrible storm. He lost his friends in the sea and he thought Robinson was going to die like his friends, but the sea carried Robinson to the shore. He started to live in the land by himself. He built a house, learned to grow corn, and made his clothes. However, one day he found a footprint. Whose footprint is it? What does a man want?



The Murders in the Rue Morgue


The murders

‘We must not say “impossible” just because the police have done nothing,’ said Dupin. ‘The Parisian police do find the answers sometimes, but that is usually because of hard work, not because they are clever. They look very hard at one or two things, but they don’t see everything. You remember the saying, “They can’t see the wood for the trees”? Well, sometimes it’s important to stand back and look at the whole wood, and forget about the trees.

The woman and her daughter was killed brutally by somebody, but the door was locked – with the key on the inside. The windows were closed and fastened – on the inside. Nobody understands about these horrible mysteries. Dupin is the main character in this book. He was just a quiet young man, but he was clever and he could understand many things that other people did not. Dupin and his friend tried to find the answer of this horrible murders.

The Mystery of Allegra



I found the light on the table and turned it on. A little girl in a long white nightdress sttod in front of me near the bed. She was looking at me with big eyes, as blue as an Italian sky in summer. Her blond hair was as bright as sunlight round her pale face.

“Hello. My name’ s Allegra. It means happy in Italian.” Her voice was soft and sweet and she spoke English beautifully. But she couldn’t say the letter ‛r’. “What are you doing here, Allegra? What do you want?” “Will you take me to my Mamā? She’s a long way from here.” She asked suddenly.

The main character of this story is Adrian. He met a beautiful girl named Allegra when he was on holiday in Italy with his family. However, Allegra asked him to take me Mama before I die. He was confused. Who was Allegra? Why did she know she’s going to die soon? This book is little scary, but it was very interesting for me.